Well folks, it’s here—the holiday season is in full swing, and no matter where you stand on when to begin the festivities, I think we can all agree that once the “jingle hop has begun,” it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

I’m, shamelessly, a full-fledged proponent of celebrating the holidays as soon as possible.  I adore so much about this time of year: the lights; the smell of the air; the scarves and peacoats; the delicious indulgences and mixed drinks.  But for me, the ribbon that ties the entire present together is the music.

The Heinz Marketing team has come together to create our own quintessential holiday playlist, along with some personal stories – these are the songs that pick us up and carry us through the end of the year with smiles and love.  From big band to acapella, from classics to new favorites, our playlist has it all.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your own holiday playlist, then look no further.  Have a seat by the Yule log, make yourself a drink, and get ready to queue up some Christmas music.  Here is the Heinz Marketing Must-Have Holiday Playlist.

Josh Baez
Song: The Christmas Song
Artist: She & Him

From the lone electric guitar to the light, intimate vocals, this song really evokes everything I love about the holidays.  Feelings of warmth, closeness, love, and nostalgia.  It really brings me back to when I was a kid—staying up late, sneaking out of my room, and watching our Christmas tree light up our living room.  It’s the Christmas Song, what more is there to say?

Maria Geokezas
Song: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Artist: Andy Williams

The Andy Williams Christmas album was our family’s very first Christmas album. My brother and I played it endlessly. It probably ruined Christmas for my parents. But then again, when we were singing to Andy Williams, we weren’t begging them to open one of our presents early.

Sheena McKinney
Song: O Holy Night
Artist: Jordan Smith

Of all the carols, this has always been my favorite. Musically I love how it builds right along with the words and one’s spirit. I recently got concert tickets from a friend and found out Jordan Smith was going to make an appearance— honestly, he was the best part of the show. When the intro started and I realized he was about to sing “Oh Holy Night”, I literally said out loud, “oh no, oh no, oh no” because I knew he would kill it, but also because my phone was almost dead. I managed to not only record him on my phone, but the friend who treated me to the concert, by the time I reappeared from the girls’ room, was handing me his album as a gift. So good!

Robert Pease
Song: Must Be Santa
Artist: Mitch Miller & The Gang

My parents would always put “Holiday Sing Along with Mitch” on the record player (yes, record player) on Christmas mornings when I was growing up. There are so many wonderful memories wrapped into this quirky sing along. My mother gave CDs to my brother and I as we started our families many years ago, and we carry on this family tradition on Christmas morning for our kids.

Brian Hansford
Song: Good Morning Blues
Artist: Ella Fitzgerald

I really dig old school Christmas songs from artists like Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley. The blues and big band feel is just a fun groove. We like to play tons of Christmas tunes at home and this song is really great to play loud.

Matt Heinz
Song: Our Prayer
Artist: Wilson Phillips

I’m a huge fan of Christmas music. I usually start listening in late October (to myself, usually on planes, so I don’t annoy others too much at that point in the fall). And I legitimately have a playlist in iTunes called “Sappy Christmas”. It’s a bunch of great original and cover music (some classic, some contemporary songs) that get me in the holiday spirit. Our Prayer by Wilson Philips is just six years old, and it’s a short piece, but it’s just the three sisters doing acapella. No words, just vocal instrumental. They are supremely talented vocalists, and this strips down to just them – no instruments, no drums, probably a little auto-tune, but that’s okay.

Brenna Lofquist
Song: White Christmas
Artist: Bing Crosby

This song is pretty much my family’s holiday anthem. It brings back memories of when we would all get together and decorate our Christmas tree. It was always a family affair, no one could be missing and we would plan it down to the hour. Warm 106.9 would be playing in the background and this song was always sure to play and my mom would sing along. This song just brings back nothing but happy moments and pretty much encompasses my feelings about Christmas and the holidays in general. Bing Crosby has a classic voice and I just love how this song sounds.

Lisa Heay
Song: All I Want for Christmas Is You
Artist: Mariah Carey

It was a tie between Mariah and Buble, but I think I need to go with Mariah. I had her Christmas CD when I was a kid, and I’d blare it in my disc-man from November – January. Every time I hear that song, it brings me back to the simpler times of sitting in the backseat of my parents’ car and daydreaming about Christmas (and singing like Mariah Carey). It’s hard to explain the impact some artists have on you – but early 90’s Mariah Carey was that artist for me that was unlike any other at the time.

Rebecca Smith
Song: All I Want for Christmas Is You
Artist: Mariah Carey

My favorite holiday movie is Love Actually. The Holidays to me are all about spending time with those you love, whether it’s a significant other, friends or your family. Every year, watching this movie and listening to this song, reminds me of that.

Want more? Listen to our full Holiday Playlist!