By Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead for Heinz Marketing

We spend quite a bit of time here at Heinz Marketing helping companies sort out ways to improve their marketing effectiveness and increase sales pipeline growth.

We are big believers in building the marketing plan to support the revenue plan and doing the “funnel math” that tells you how many leads you need to generate and explicitly states assumptions around conversion rates.

The next level down of detail is deploying budget to specific programs and activities to execute the marketing plan and we have just released an Excel template that you can download (no form to complete) that does just that.

Download the marketing plan and budget template!

It is based on a spreadsheet I have used over many years that not only assigns dollars to activities but helps you think through when certain expenditures need to be made and how the overall budget will be deployed in a 12 month window. I believe it is helpful to understand what percentage of your budget is going to lead and demand generation programs vs. events vs. technology vs. awareness building and you can see those categories and totals in this template.

Whether your budget is $1,000 or $1,000,000, this approach lets you run scenarios for expenditures and you will make your CFO happy by letting her know when you plan to make investments and their impact on cash flow.

This is a first version and we’ll continue to revise and improve it upon it so look for future releases of the Heinz Marketing B2B Sales and Marketing Budget Template.  Feel free to swap out the logo and enjoy!

Download it now!

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