By Lisa Heay, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

As a mom of two small children, I’m constantly grasping at memories of how they were 1 week, 1 month, 1 year ago—it’s a cliché, but they really do grow up so fast.  That’s why, when I stumbled upon 1 Second Everyday, the story of this app’s creator really hit home with me.

I’ve recorded at least one second of video every day for over 6 years.  At age 36, I now have a 36-minute video documenting every single day of my life since I turned 30.  I haven’t forgotten a day since I started and if I live to see 80 years of age, I will have a 5-hour long video that encompasses 50 years of my life.

I set out in late 2016 to create a video of my own.  Some days I thought there wasn’t anything special enough to capture, but I persevered, taking videos of even the most routine parts of our day.  And I’m so glad I did.  Watching it back more than a year later, I can see that the beauty lies in those mundane details of our lives.  The way my son’s face lit up when I picked him up from daycare; my kids brushing their teeth, or sitting with their dad on the couch; even the full on tantrum my littlest threw at Costco (yeah, I’m the mom taking video of my son crying in public).  It’s not meant to only be the highlight reel, but a capture of real life – and that’s worth more than gold for me.  The 6 minutes of video I now have of my children’s lives in that year is something I’ll always cherish and will continue on with in the future.

It’s so easy to get started. When you open the app for the first time, you’ll see a timeline grid of dates.  You click on a date, and you have the option to upload a photo or a video.  If you upload a video, you’ll then crop it down to one second.  Hit save, and that’s it until the next day.  (Here’s a pro tip: hold your phone the same way every time you record – your end video won’t come out great if you have a mix of portrait and landscape style snippets.)

You don’t have to be a parent to appreciate an app like this – get out there and capture any aspect of your life – work, travel, friends, family, pets, everyday life around you – the sky is the limit.  Definitely worth checking out.

1 Second Everyday calendar view