By Kayla Beard, Marketing Intern at Heinz Marketing

The past two months have been filled with uncertainty, panic, and a lot of downtime in the quarantine. I have binge watched Netflix, learned how to cook, and become an expert walker. 

Likewise is a startup company located in Bellevue, Washington aimed at providing an easy, quick platform for people to find recommendations. Likewise is meant to discover, collect, and connect people with recommendations. 

I most recently spent my time trying to discover new apps in the app store. Searching through the app store, I wanted to find something that would entertain me and help me fill my time in quarantine. I stumbled upon the app Likewise. Likewise is an app that allows you to recommend and get recommended tv shows, restaurants, movies, games, podcasts, and more. 

I looked around Likewise for a while. I put in all my favorite types of food, genres of entertainment, etc. and really enjoyed the recommendations I was receiving. 

There are five different pages or sections of this app. The first page, “Today”, is where you input your top favorite movies and Likewise recommends new shows/ movies based on your recommendations every day. 

Then, there is “discover”, which allows you to discover the hottest up and coming hottest books, restaurants, podcasts, etc. “Find now” is the page that allows you to search entertainment/food in each of these categories. 

The last two categories are “saves” and “post”. Saves allow a spot for you to save all of your combined favorite recommendations on one platform and reference it at any time. Post allows you to post questions or recommendations. The “post” part of this app is the most unique part in my opinion. This app gives you a platform to connect to people all around the world with the same interests as you. It allows you to converse and have discussions on your favorite interests. This app really ties together so many different people with different interests. 

If you find yourself bored in quarantine, wanting to explore more of your interests, or want a platform to meet new people, Likewise is an app you should take the time to download. I promise it is well worth your time!