By Kayla Beard, Marketing Intern at Heinz Marketing

My Friday and Saturday nightly routines have recently consisted of pajamas, an Adam Sandler movie, and bags of popcorn and sweet treats. Being in quarantine has allowed me to spend more time with family and focus on myself; however, I unfortunately have found myself struggling to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. 

Last week after I finished complaining about how much ice cream I had eaten the night before, my friend suggested I download the app LifeSum. LifeSum is a digital self-care application that helps make and reach health and weight goals. 

LifeSum is a subscription cost of $3.75/ month and provides many services. The first service that LifeSum provides is a numerous amount of diets to choose from. You can find the one that you love and find useful doing. The second feature provided by LifeSum is the meal plan options. The meal plan options range from 7-21 days and consist of four pre-planned recipes each day. The meal plans provided also encompass well-known diets such as the Keto Diet and Vegan Diet. Additionally, LifeSum offers hundreds of recipes in order to provide tasty food with nutritious value. All of these different features of LifeSum contribute to the platform’s flexibility in creating a journey specific to you and your needs. 

The first thing I loved about LifeSum was the opportunity to take a quiz regarding what meal plan or diet works best for you. In this quiz, you are able to distinguish your goal for this meal plan/diet, what you crave, and how you want to go about it. This quiz gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what subscribing to LifeSum would be like and the steps it would suggest for you to maintain a healthier and balanced lifestyle. 

One of my favorite things about this app is how easy it is to track your progress. You track your food, exercise, and water in order to maintain the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve. The ability to track your progress allows you to be able to visually see your success. 

The reason I would choose LifeSum over any other health and wellness app is because of the great flexibility to choose your own journey. You are really able to customize the process from start to finish to ensure that you are comfortable with every step of the process.

Check it out!